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Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Brotherhood of the L.O.S.T assembles!

Finished over half of the Brotherhood of the LOST and I thought I'd show and review the figures from North Star Miniatures. Overall, I really like the look of all the miniatures in the In Her Majesty's Name range. I have seen the Servants of Ra in the flesh (or should that be metal), and I am using the Black Dragon Tong for my Brotherhood figures, and the casts have been pretty clean and easy to clean up. There was some flash and mould lines but nothing worse than you'd see elsewhere and it was all removed easily enough.
Dr. Lo Chan Fu leads the Brothers on their latest nefarious mission!

As for the sculpts, they are all pretty well posed. Plenty of action in the figures, but nothing ridiculous. The folds in the clothes are nicely sculpted, not too deep and not too shallow, and the paint went on no problems. Basically there's plenty of detail to guide the brush, but there's also a lot of leeway for some creative brushwork. The faces are nicely expressive and the weapons are all pretty hefty looking. I particularly like the muskets carried by the Boxers. They are very pleasingly proportioned.
These are two Tongs. I think they look a bit more senior than the other two.
I tried to do the kanji for 'brother' on their coats to indicate this.

Here we have the other two Tongs. Excellent figures!

The two Boxers. Again, very nicely scultped figures, particularly the guns.
I still have the more special characters from the set to do, including the Yeti which is a beast of a figure, and I'll post them when done, but if you're interested in IHMN, or any pulp/VSF game, then I'd definitely recommend looking at the North Star figures.


  1. Ooh, those are very nicely done!

    It's just occurred to me that I could use such models to build an "evil Chinese" army with which to oppose my Hordes of the Things "Kung Fu Heroes" force. Now I'm trying very hard to suppress the thought; I've got too much to do already!

  2. I echo the above; very nice work indeed. Like those a lot. :)

  3. Nicely done indeed :)
    I have taken the liberty of putting one of your photos on the IHMN blog and linked it back to here.
    I believe such excellence should be shared.

  4. Nice work this is one of the sets I want to get as I like all the miniatures in it. The others are nice but I have loads of figs in my collection or coming from a KS that I can use instead of.

  5. Great looking Tong and impressive brushwork on the 兄 (xiong) character in the senior brothers.


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