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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Memoir '44 - Pacific

Despite it sitting on my shelf since Christmas, I only managed to get a game of the Pacific Expansion for Memoir '44 last week and I have to say I liked it a lot. Well...I like Memoir'44, so that's no surprise, so what is in this expansion that gives it the flavour of the Far East campaigns?

Well, mainly, it's the special rules for the combatants. The Japanese simply must ignore the first flag rolled against them no matter their position. If they happen to be dug in, then they actually must ignore two flags. Quite often it's in your interest to take a flag and retreat away, but the Japanese cannot do that, so they are a little inflexible but damned hard to budge. They also have some quite nasty surprises in the form of the Banzai charge. Basically, they can move two hexes and still battle in close assault and if at full strength they roll an extra die. So decent fields of fire against them is vital! As for the US Marines, they get one rule, but a big one! To model their 'Gung Ho' mentality, the Americans get to order one more unit than the card says. Huge!

Other than the special rules there are a few new terrain types, tunnel complexes and some extra bits like offshore bombardment. The scenarios also feature plenty of dense jungle and beach landings, so there is plenty there to give the flavour of the theatre in question. I definitely found the game was different to the Normandy missions from the base game with much more aggression dispalye by the Japanese as that plays to their strengths. Lots of fun! So here's how the games played out! We played the first Guadalcanal mission (I forget the name) both ways. The Japanese could get victory points for moving units off the American board edge between the two counters visible in the first pic below:
The battle lines are drawn! The Japanese hordes are ready to advance from the left!
They have an armoured reserve, too!

Game 1 - US Marines: Me; Imperial Japanese: Carl

Carl launches a ferocious attack across the river in the center.
The Americans are overwhelmed, but they bring their reserves up.
The Japanese casualties mount, but they are close to breaking through.
The Americans pour it on, though, and a huge artillery bombardment finishes off the Japanese. It was a close shave, though.
Result: US Marines - 5; Imperial Japanese - 4.

Game 2 - US Marines: Carl; Imperial Japanese: Me
I get a few good cards for my strong right flank which I quickly use to envelop the Americans to their front.
The American centre is soon facing a tide of Banzai charges!
The American flank and centre collapses. Japanese forces break through the US lines and seize a clear cut victory!
Result: US Marines - 1; Imperial Japanese - 5.


  1. Looks like a good couple of games. I need to break out Battle Cry and Battles of Westeros.

  2. With the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg, it seems like the ideal time to break out Battle Cry!


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