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Mr. Vampire - Rules for Pulp Alley

The Cast

Uncle Kaud102d83d83d102d103d104d10Clever
Iron Will
Danger Sense
Man Choid103d102d103d84d102d103d8Brute
Muscles of Steel
The Vampired124d10-----Fierce
Muscles of Steel

Holding your breath
  • Each turn, a character can declare that they are holding their breath. If so, then their Health characteristic is shifted down one level.
  • Once a character’s Health reaches D6 then that character can hold their breath for one more turn, but may not move or perform any action that turn and may only walk the turn after..
  • Each turn a character does not hold their breath, then their characteristics increase by one level up to their current maximum.
  • To perform any action while holding their breath, the character must pass a health check at their current health die quality (i.e. if holding their breath reduces them to D8, then they must roll a success on a D8).

Major Plot Point - The Vampire!
  • The game ends when the Vampire is defeated.
  • To defeat the Vampire, the Hunters must knock it out! Brawling the Vampire is subject to the following rules:
  • An unarmed Hunter cannot harm the Vampire.
  • A Hunter armed with a ward receives an automatic success which doesn’t cause a hit. Instead, if the ward is not cancelled it immobilises the Vampire.
  • A Hunter armed with a firebrand causes the Vampire to suffer a -1 die shift to its Brawl.
  • Damage caused by the Vampire cannot be recovered normally.
  • The Vampire moves as follows:
  • If there are Hunters in LOS that are breathing it will move directly towards the nearest one 2d6 inches
  • If there are no Hunters in LOS that are breathing, but there are Hunters that are holding their breath in LOS, then the Vampire moves in a random direction 1d6 inches
  • If there are no Hunters at all in LOS, the Vampire is removed from the table.
  • If the Vampire is not on the table in his activation, then he will appear at the plot point that has a hunter closest and will move directly towards them.
  • If the Vampire makes contact with a Hunter it will Brawl with them and will never cancel any dice.

Minor Plot Point - The Ghost!
  • An area of extreme peril extends from the Ghost for 3” from any point of it’s base.
  • The Ghost plot point can be completed by rolling 3 successes on Finesse or Cunning.
  • Completing the challenge allows the player to draw from the Ghostly Rewards deck. This plot point may be completed as often as desired, but the player may not hold more than one Ghostly Reward card at a time.
  • Once a Ghostly Reward card has been used, it is discarded from play.
  • The Ghost moves 2d6 inches towards the nearest Hunter irrelevant of LOS. Completing the Ghost challenge removes the Ghost from the table.
  • When the Ghost activates and is not on the table it appears at a random plot point.

Minor Plot Point - Firebrands
  • Firebrands can be found in the building or in the woods. Finding a firebrand requires 2 successes against Cunning or Might.
  • Firebrands may be lit in the fire in the house.
  • Every turn that a character is in possession of a lit firebrand, the player must achieve a single success against Finesse or the flame gutters and dies.
  • A lit firebrand reduces the Vampire’s Brawl by one level.

Minor Plot Point - Sticky Rice
  • Sticky Rice can be found in the in the house.
  • Passing a challenge against Cunning with 3 successes yields Sticky Rice. The character must declare which they are searching for first.
  • Cooked Sticky Rice can be used to recover damage caused by the vampire.
  • Uncooked Sticky Rice repels the Vampire completely. The Vampire will stop 1” away from the character or will retreat directly away from a Hunter with Uncooked Sticky Rice.
  • Uncooked Sticky Rice may be scattered on the ground. A character can attempt this by rolling 2 success against Finesse. Success allows the character to place an Uncooked Sticky Rice marker in base contact. Failure means the rice is too scattered and is lost.
  • The Vampire will not approach within 1” of an Uncooked Sticky Rice marker.

Minor Plot Point - Ward

  • A Ward can be created in the Undertaker’s.
  • Creating a Ward requires 3 successes on Finesse or Cunning.
  • A Ward can be applied to the Vampire by moving into base contact and passing a Finesse or Might challenge with 3 successes.
  • The Ward immobilises the Vampire.
  • Every turn that the Vampire activates while a Ward is attached, roll a number of dice equal to the number of turns the Ward has been attached (i.e. 1 die for the first turn, 2 for the second, and so on). The quality of the dice is equal to the quality of the Finesse of the character at the point it was applied. Any failure means the ward falls off.

Ghostly Rewards
Either make cards or roll a D6 for the result. Remember, each reward can only be in play once.
  1. She loves me! - This effect may be used to protect the character from the Vampire. Instead of Brawling, the character immediately makes a dodge move.
  2. I love her! - Each activation the character must pass a Cunning check. If failed then the character must run towards the Ghost. Once failed then the spell is broken and no more checks are required.
  3. Kiss it better! - The character may use this reward once to heal a damage level caused by the Vampire.
  4. Hell hath no fury...! - A character with this reward is in extreme peril if they are within 6" of the Ghost rather than 3".
  5. Carried away! - Once in the game, the Ghost may carry the character 12" in any direction regardless of terrain.
  6. Help me! - Once in the game, the character holding this reward can automatically pass any peril, even one caused by the Ghost!

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