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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Inscrutable Dr. Lo Chan Fu - A 7TV Villain

At the turn of the 20th Century, a fanatical group of Boxer rebels called the Brotherhood of the Fist fell under the thrall of a mysterious and enigmatic leader known as Dr. Lo Chan Fu. Under his guidance they waged an extremely successful campaign of terror and extortion against the wealthy elite until the Boxer rebellion was finally stamped out. However, through Lo Chan Fu's mystical abilities the majority of the Brotherhood escaped the retributions and vanished into the countryside. For years they preyed upon minor nobility and wealthy businessmen while evading the authorities until a fateful event in the Siberian summer of 1908!

The meteor strike of 1908 was an event that a sorcerer of Lo Chan Fu's ability could not ignore. Gathering a cadre of Brotherhood thugs he went to the site of the crater seeking the meteorite, but he was not the first there. Already scouring the countryside was a the Mad Monk, Rasputin, leading a band of Russian acolytes. As the two groups squared off a group of British, French and American agents appeared and a running battle ensued. The Chinese and Russians were driven off but, finding common ground, they united into a force that would plague all the civilized countries of the globe - the League of Occultists, Subversives and Terrorists or L.O.S.T.

Dr Lo Chan Fu

Very much the manipulator, Lo Chan Fu is older than any would suspect. His longevity is achieved by a tonic that only he knows the recipe for and an aptitude for having others do his dirty work. He is averse to physical confrontation and will do all he can to avoid enemy agents getting too close. If pressed he will often resort to the magics of his ancestors and cross to the spirit plane where he cannot be touched.

Sinister Mystic | Star | Ratings 55

Mv: 6 Def: 5 Hits 3 Str: 3 Agi: 3 Int:5 Morale: 5

Special Effects
Hypnotise; Luck (2); Incorporeal; I Will Return!; Telepathy; Leader (1); Obey Me!


Basic: Brawl 3+

Star Quality
Weaver of Fates
The Sinister Mystic seems to be able to influence the very destinies of the cosmos. You may draw an extra 2 event cards at the start of the game, and can influence event card die rolls by either +1 or –1 if you wish. In addition, a tied initiative roll grants the Mystic’s side one audience appreciation marker as the cosmic energies favour the Mystic’s cast.

Expect to see the sinister Lo Chan Fu coming to an episode of 7TV soon. The script writers have also hinted at the possibility of seeing his rise to power charted in a spin off using In Her Majesty's Name!


  1. Nice model (I really like the dragon!) and a good back story as well! I'll be interested to see him in action :-) .

  2. Nice scenario setup. I too will be interested to see some AAR's.

  3. Great background mate and that figure is a beaut!

  4. Thanks, guys! I'm currently working on the Black Dragon Tong for IHMN that will form the Brotherhood of the L.O.S.T. I think that we might see the origins of Lo Chan Fu in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned!


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