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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dr Price, I presume? - a 7TV report

On Tuesday I had an extremely fun game of 7TV with George and Nick. George kindly provided the figures and the game was played out on G3 terrain. The scenario was basically a re-work of our 3 way cowboy games but updated to a 70s TV theme. The dastardly Guru (me) was out to get the United Radionics team (George) for selling dodgy fembots, while they were after Tweedy Mattison (i.e. The Doctor played by Nick) for non-payment after delivery of sonic screwdrivers. Tweedy was determined to end the machinations of his arch-nemesis the Guru. Cracking stuff!

The episode opened on a shot of a deserted shopping centre! But soon, out of the shadows the cast of heroes and villains appears.
The villainous Guru is escorted by his sinister, black-clad guards!
The Man in the Lead-lined Suit grunts as United Radionics make their way into the mall.
A dapper, charismatic fellow leads a group of burly Department X troopers out of...nowhere!
Each of the groups was also intent on finding Dr Price who has fled to the shopping centre with the secret to a doomsday machine. Who will find him first?
The Guru manages to blend into the background and approach the United Radionics goons unnoticed (he has the Infiltrator characteristic which lets him deploy near the enemy, but they can't target him till he gets close). He then offers them a cigarette but they are all stunned by the sleep gas it emits! Muahahahahaaaa!

But Department X also have their infiltration specialists! One of these Guru guards searching for Dr Price is actually a UNIT officer in disguise!
Tweedy and May Killian, his ever present companion, search a groovy record store!  The penny token turns out to be Dr Price!
Meanwhile, the Guru's guards fan out across the concourse!
And suddenly May Killian leaps out on an unsuspecting guard! A fierce struggle ensues during which the girl proves she is as fearsome in close combat as a new-born kitten! Luck is with her, though, and she finally cleaned his clock, only to be casually gunned down by the faceless Guru guards that surrounded her! The cads!
Meanwhile, in the climactic scene of the show, Doris, the United Radionics fembot, sashays towards the nearest Department X trooper, attempting to lure him out of his cover! But, as she draws near he flips open his Pocket Watch Jammer and she whirls out of control! The supporting troopers draw a bead and Doris is soon fit only for the scrap heap! 

As Doris crashed to the ground, the Guru guards swarmed forward and took out the hulking Man in the Lead-lined Suit, whose hideously mutated hide could not save him! As he slumped to the ground the United Radionics boss, Lancelot Cray, decided that discretion was the better part of valour and slunk away into the shadows. As the credits began to roll, Dr Price was shown through a door that led nowhere by the charismatic stranger while the Guru cackled as he throttled one of the hapless goons that was stunned by his sleep spray. Many children were found hiding behind the couch as the episode finished!

What can I say? This was one of the most fun games I've had in ages! 7TV is a fantastic set of rules with tons of scope for making up your own characters and this time we played with gadgets which really added to the fun! The sleep spray and the pocket watch jammer had amazingly thematic and entertaining impacts on the game and were definitely worth including. Also, we saw this out in about 2 hours flat, as the rules are very easy to get to grips with, but give you plenty of tactical headaches as you can't activate all your figures. If you enjoyed this report I'd thoroughly recommend checking out the 7TV rules as there are scads of supplements to be had, from Harryhausen inspired escapades to underground Bond villain lairs! Brilliant!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. That terrain looks great, I'll have to look up G3.

    1. G3 is the name of the club. The terrain belongs to the club is what I meant. Not sure where it came from but I could ask about.

  2. The terrain really is great, good read also!

  3. The mall looks like the "Modular Shopping Mall" by Stoelzel's Structures.

    It is available for download ($10.50 USD) from the Wargame Vault.

    The building is designed to be glued to 5mm form core.


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