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I'm a bit of a born-again wargamer! I played many of the Games Workshop games when I was in my teens and early twenties, but left the hobby behind when I went to University. Over the last few years I have gradually got back into it and am literally having a ball! I'll play pretty much anything now, ranging from ancient historical to the far future! I think that I get more out of the painting side of things than actually playing, but that might just be because I get more opportunity. Hence the title...this blog is all about the colour of war!!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

I hereby swear...

...to not buy another miniature until I have painted everything in this picture!

Whoa! I feel a bit dizzy now, but I think I need to try and discipline myself and clear some of the lead mountain before buying anything else. The only things I will allow myself to buy are anything directly related to these figures (paint, resin bases, etc) and any miniatures that I deem necessary to round out an army. For example, the Dystopian Legions figures are only the starter and a couple extras. To really play it in earnest I will need more Line Infantry, so there's no point painting all those present if I won't allow myself to extend. However, it means no more figures for other rulesets, new or existing, and no new factions (OK, I have a Zoraida starter crew on the way, which means I can pretty much buy anything except Ten Thunders or Outcasts!).

So what do we have here:

  • Inifinity - Mostly Bakunin figures, but also some remotes. Not pictured are 2 Hellcats, a Hacker and a Mobile Brigada.
  • Dysoptian Legions - the starter set really only has the Sky Hussars left unassembled. Then it's Musicians and the guy in the steam-powered bath chair!
  • Malifaux - Colette du Bois and most of McMourning's crew are pictured. McMourning and The Hanged are in a draw somewhere, but I consider them part of this pledge (as are the missing Inifinity). As mentioned, Zoraida is on the way, so when I'm done, I will have one faction for each of the Guild, Resurrectionists, Neverborn and Arcanists. So I better get a bunch of games in this year!
  • Reaper - there are a bunch of Chronoscope and Dark Heavens Legends figures that should be enough to make a reasonable good guy and villain team.
  • Pendraken 7YW - for Maurice, of course. This is what's left of the Austrian starter army I bought. This is another force that will swiftly require expanded, but I think that Maurice won't be on the radar till the summer, so I might even be done with this lot before then.
  • Cowboys - hard to make out, but there are 3 blisters of Artizan Wild West figures in there. They're just really nice figures which I want to paint and we will doubtless be used in some TRWNN action soon enough.


  1. Good luck with it!

    My New Years resolution is not to buy a single mini this year... I guess you will be allowed to buy something new somewhat earlier! ;-)

    1. And I thought I was being ambitious! No minis for a year? You're a braver man than I! Good luck and I salute you! :)

  2. Ha ha ha ha!!! Oh, you're serious!

    Only joking! Best of luck. I had some success lately be writing down deadlines for finishing specific figures/units. Once it's down in black and white, it's easier to spend a bit longer at the painting desk.

    1. The above is, of course, not the entire lead pile, so everything that was picked ties into my game plans for 2013. This way I hope that my painting and gaming plans will compliment each other. Plus it's an incentive to just get painting. Quicker I finish, the quicker I can buy more stuff! I intend to use the blog a bit more to record my progress and keep the momentum up.

  3. Gotta catch 'em all!

    Good luck with the resolution; it's something I've tried myself before (and failed).

  4. Good luck with the goal! If you do a little each night you can acheive that goal! *cracks the whip* You paint! You Paint more! You sleep when you die! You no stop painting yet!

  5. Good luck. I'm doing something similar. Maybe there's motivation in company?

  6. I'll give you a month and you'll be itching to buy something else!!


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