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I'm a bit of a born-again wargamer! I played many of the Games Workshop games when I was in my teens and early twenties, but left the hobby behind when I went to University. Over the last few years I have gradually got back into it and am literally having a ball! I'll play pretty much anything now, ranging from ancient historical to the far future! I think that I get more out of the painting side of things than actually playing, but that might just be because I get more opportunity. Hence the title...this blog is all about the colour of war!!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

We salute you...!

So I've just managed to finish my first painted figures of 2011 and thought I'd share them. These are a Murmillo and Hoplomachus gladiator from Crusader. My WWII Brits and Fallschirmjager are Crusader as well and I really like their figures. For the Murmillo, I think that's the first shield I've painted since I played Warhammer in the 90s so I blatantly plagiarised a shield from a Murmillo on the Crusader website! :) I think it looks pretty good, though. For the Hoplomachus I was torn between going for bronze or iron for the shield, but I knew I wanted the face plate to be iron, so I thought an iron shield would tie up all the iron rather than having bits of bronze and iron here and there which might look a bit fussy. So the bronze helmet and greaves nicely frame the figure with all the metal in between being iron. I think I made the iron a bit too bright, though, so I might go back and darken it down a bit.

The flesh is also a bit of a departure for me. I normall use GW Dwarf Flesh with a wash of Devlan Mud and then highlighted with Elf Flesh and that works fine for faces and hands, but we have a bit more on show here! So I thought I'd try just painting it. I originally picked a triad from the Cool Mini Or Not ethnic skintone guide but found the contrast a bit too much, so I just added a bit of Vallejo Chocolate Brown to Cork Brown for the base, Cork Brown for mid tone and Cork Brown with some Flat Flesh for the highlight.



Hope you like them!

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