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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Name that Chapter!

Been a bit quiet of late, but that's largely been due to a number of circumstances, not least that I've actually been roleplaying rather than tabletop gaming the past couple of weeks, plus I haven't managed to do much painting either. However - I have finally decided on a paint scheme and chapter logo for the Space Marines that I've been picking up from eBay:
The first Space Marine squad I have painted in about two decades.
A slightly closer look at the insignia and colour.
 Currently, the leader for their chapter name is Dark Nimbus, but I'm open to suggestions. If anyone has any then let me know and if I like it, you never know, there might be a reward...! :)


  1. I kinda dig the dark nimbus name.

    For some reason the icon reminds me of a star being consumed, or blotted out, or....something. This made me think of the the tyrant star. It's been mentioned in various dark heresy material within the Calixis sector.

    It might be fun to try and hide some references to it within your chapter without resorting to fluff write ups. Maybe have vehicle names or chapter banner stuff that references the fluff. It could really make someones day if and when it's figured out.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I'll look into that! :)

  2. Great work. random thoughts:
    Horizion Guaridans
    Fringe Guardians
    Horizon Knights

  3. Great job the scheme looks great.

    Dawn Star chapter pops into my head.

  4. Nice work. Love the paint scheme and the insignias. Dark Nimbus sounds good.

  5. Good suggestions, people! Keep 'em coming!

  6. Could be a sun/star rise as well. Something 'dawn' in the title. Argent dawn was always a catchy name to me from WOW. Maybe some sort of typical GW bastardized latin?

    1. I picked that decal for pretty much that reason. It tied into the colour which is Foundry Night Sky! :)

  7. "Brothers of Dawn"? "Solar Furies"? "Black Guardians"? "Righteous Pilgrims"?


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