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I'm a bit of a born-again wargamer! I played many of the Games Workshop games when I was in my teens and early twenties, but left the hobby behind when I went to University. Over the last few years I have gradually got back into it and am literally having a ball! I'll play pretty much anything now, ranging from ancient historical to the far future! I think that I get more out of the painting side of things than actually playing, but that might just be because I get more opportunity. Hence the title...this blog is all about the colour of war!!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Separation anxiety

We're currently getting some work done to the house and it meant having to disassemble the desk I was using as my painting station. It'll probably be at least a week until I have a suitable space to paint in again and it sucks! Turns out that TV kind of sucks in general! Guess I can catch up with some reading and sleep for now! :)


  1. Gotta agree, today's TV is really crap!

  2. Reading is good :-) . I kinda like sleeping occasionally as well :-) .

  3. I know the feeling. All my gaming stuff is now in boxes, waiting for a moving date... Having no painting to do is generating far too many ideas for projects


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