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I'm a bit of a born-again wargamer! I played many of the Games Workshop games when I was in my teens and early twenties, but left the hobby behind when I went to University. Over the last few years I have gradually got back into it and am literally having a ball! I'll play pretty much anything now, ranging from ancient historical to the far future! I think that I get more out of the painting side of things than actually playing, but that might just be because I get more opportunity. Hence the title...this blog is all about the colour of war!!

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Black Smoke Arises!

Been meaning to paint this figure up for ages as my tabletop alter ego, but never got round to it. But playing Pulp Alley has totally inspired me to get cracking on some of the pulp figures I've had lying around and I've been more productive than I have been for ages. In fact, I painted both of these figures in 2 nights! Completing a whole figure in a night is absolutely unheard of for me, so 2 in a row is amazing progress! And the nice thing is I get to use The Black Smoke in Pulp Alley tomorrow! :)

The Black Smoke

 General Ernst Von Krauch
Every hero needs a nemesis!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm pretty happy with the result despite the speed painting.

  2. Very pretty! Let's hope your ego doesn't get too bruised if your namesake doesn't do too well in the game :-) .

    1. Oh, no doubt I'll go into a huff if he is knocked out! But I'll probably also gloat terribly if he does well! :D

  3. Cool looking figures and painted very nicely great job :D


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