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Friday, 5 April 2013

Death In The Ruins! A guest Infinity report!

Anyone that follows this blog will have seen the name George pop up quite often, as he is my main gaming buddy! We played a game of Infinity against each other for the first time on Tuesday night and I thought it might be an idea if he wrote up a wee AAR of the battle and his thoughts on the system as a guest blog post, so here it is! (The pics are all from my side of the table and I added the captions)

I'm George and I'm one of Ian's regular opponents.  We've both tried Infinity and enjoyed it so on Tuesday we had our firstgame against each other, using 200 point forces.
I fielded my Haqqislam force which consisted of 3 ghulams, a naffatun, a hunzakut, a janissary, a ghulam doctor, a ghulam hacker, a ghulam with HMG, and a ghulam with a panzerfaust.
Ian fielded his Nomads and while I can't remember the exact composition of his force it included a reverend moira and what I think was an intruder with an HMG.
The board was set up to represent an area of ancient ruins with a large stepped pyramid in the centre.  On the top of the pyramid was a smaller pyramid-shaped object.  The objective of the game was to take and hold the small pyramid-shaped object and the game length was six turns.
I split my force into three roughly equal parts and deployed them in ruins on my left flank, centre, and right flank.  Ian had a strong presence opposite both my flanks and worryingly, at least three men in some sort of camo, meaning they only appeared as markers.  My hunzakut also deployed in camo as a hidden marker.
The field of battle! Infinity needs a lot of terrain!
The game basically evolved into one of two flanks.  On my left flank, Ian made excellent use of his intruder and more or less wiped out my group.  On the other, I had more success and was able to eliminate some of his men and advance towards the objective.  My centre group and the hunzakut essentially did nothing for the whole game apart from the centre group despatching my doctor to tend to my wounded HMG gunner in my left flank group.
The Nomads follow their leader...to their doom!
Luckily, before my left hand group was elimiated, it killed Ian's reverend moira, which turned out to be his lieutenant.  The loss of his lieutenant severely affected Ian's order pool and had a key influence on the game.  I was able to capitalise on this with my right flank force and killed a couple more of Ian's troops.  This put him in retreat and we called the game at that point.
Pew! Pew! Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!
The game was very tight and could have gone either way at several times and I was very lucky with some of my shooting.  I really enjoyed the game and found it both tactically challenging and very entertaining.  Line of sight and careful positioning are crucial aspects of the game, giving it a very realistic feel and the way your opponent can do AROs means you have to be careful about what figures you move and how you you move them.  You always have to balance the risk of taking action with the likely consequences.
The Haqqislam flank my position and the game is up!
This was my second game of Infinity but will be far from my last.  Frankly, I think it offers about as much fun as you can have for an investment of 10 figures (or less!).

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