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Thursday, 14 March 2013

More alliteration - March, Malifaux, Magua and Muskets & Tomahawks!

Painting wise I've been splashing away at Zoraida's crew and have basically finished Bad Juju. That only leaves Zoraida and finishing off bases, and both of those tasks are well under way. So, all in all, it looks like I'll be in a position to take Zoraida to the Malifaux event on Sunday, which is great news! I've also ordered a couple of extra minions for her (which is allowed, as per my oath...extensions are fine - additions aren't), but the Post Office seem incapable of delivering them, which is most annoying. But, I have to say, my oath is being stretched to it's limit and there are figures I really want out there. In particular, I realised that I actually don't have a crew per faction in Malifaux as I thought. I don't have an Outcasts crew, so I'm seriously considering picking up Leveticus. That is mostly based on the fact that I can reuse lots of models from the other crews, rather than having to buy lots of extras. So...perhaps just a *tiny* purchase may be allowed...ahem...! :)

Bad Juju - pretty much ready to go!

An odd model to paint. Basically he's just a huge mud pile!
Also, on Tuesday night, I got to play in my second game of Muskets & Tomahawks. Sometimes it's amazing how randomly generated plots can seem to tie into an overall narrative! In this game, the British forces were the raiders and the Indians/Canadians were defending their patch. So we decided that the British officer from the first game, let's call him...say....Duncan, was called a coward by the lady who was his ward in the first game and she has left him. Enraged, he decided to track the Magua to his stronghold and make him pay. His side plot nicely tied into this and demanded that he personally take six scalps! Magua, on the other hand, was to ensure that no enemy forces would get into his log cabin and steal his whiskey and glass beads!
The battlefield!
A column of Rangers approach from the left flank.
The Indians continue to dance around the fire, unaware of the approaching danger!
Officer Duncan leads his raiding party.
Duncan reaches Magua's cabin undetected and starts to lay fires!
The Rangers engage the Indians! The hornets nest has been disturbed!

The Ranger column deploys from the left flank and takes the enemy from the rear.
In the end, the Indians and Canadians were put to flight by the pincer movement and Magua's cabin was burnt to the ground. The Indian reserves were obviously too busy hunting some beavers to come and help as the game ended before they arrived, but the Rangers had failed to completely burn down the second building and so the game was a draw! Neither officer managed his sub plot, so after some licking of wounds I'm sure they will re-ignite the feud to see who comes out on top! All in all, another great game of Muskets and Tomahawks. I'm really liking this system more and more!

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  1. Sounds like a fun scenario there. Good enjoyable game


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