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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Connectors, posts, anchors...oh my!

I did some more cutting, folding and gluing last night. It seemed like I was doing it for an eternity with little progress, but I realised that I was actually doing the most fiddly bits - the anchors and posts. In the end, it turns out I made enough anchors to do my two tiles with plenty left over, all from one sheet. It was tedious, but easy. The posts were a bit more of a challenge. It was relatively straightforward to cut them (after reading the instructions - this is recommended!), but I found that folding them was a little difficult, as the dual layer of card means the outer layer doesn't quite wrap around the inner correctly. I'm sure there's a knack to it, but it was a little frustrating. It meant that I had to colour in a bit more than just the edge, but once assembled it all looked pretty good! I also tried a single wall and that was really quick to do, which is encouraging. It means that once I get enough posts and anchors done, I should be able to churn out the rest of the terrain pretty quickly!
The tiles all conncected. You can actually hold them up!
Rear shot showing the connectors in place.
Anchors attached and posts in place. The wall is complete. The stairs I did a couple of nights ago.
All assembled. Inside...
...and out!

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