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Friday, 12 October 2012

Multi-part metal - is it worth it?

Last night I finished off the first figure of my new Infinity project, although I'll need to go back and do some touching up in places. After some research I decided that I wasn't all that fussed on Ariadna, but the Nomads really caught my eye. So, the first figures I managed to get my hands on were the Bakunin Uberfallkommando set, which looks really cool. Here's the Chimera (the team leader) as I finished up last night:

Nomad Uberfallkommando Chimera
However, each and every figure in the pack is multi-part. The Chimera above was actually in 4 parts!! The main body, the left arm from shoulder to wrist, the CC weapon (and hands) and the tail. I had to pin pretty much every joint due to the thin nature of the pieces and it was a real pain! And then there's the filling of any gaps. Yes, the figure looks really nice with parts that sit clean away from the body, but it took me ages and was really frustrating. And then the next guy:

Nomad Uberfallkommando Pupnik
He was in six pieces no less! Including the horns!! So, the question I ask is, are multi-part metal figures worth the hassle of pinning and gluing etc? Or would you prefer to sacrifice some of the nice posing for the ability to just get painting? Personally, I don't mind one or two pieces when it makes sense, but sometimes bits just seem to be separate for no apparent reason. Take the Ram Pupnik above. Did his head and lower hand really have to be separate?

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