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Monday, 20 June 2011

Lifecolor Flesh Paint Set

For the most part I use Vallejo acrylic paints, but I always tended to use Citadel paints for the flesh tones. However, my pots of Dwarf and Elf Flesh were done and I was thinking of getting some Foundry paints as I'm colour-blind. This is a major pain in the derrier for someone that likes painting figures! The triads that Foundry offer look like just the ticket, but I was shown this paint set while I was at Wappinshaw a couple of weeks ago and I thought I'd give it a go. After all, it's 6 shades of flesh tones. So, for my first use of them I thought I'd blog the results as a kind of review, I suppose. 

 The lovely lass in the foreground of the first picture is my volunteer, or guinea pig, if you will. She is Sarah the Seeress from Reaper (again).

So here's the step-by-step as I applied the paint. For this first go at using their colours I followed the instructions on the back of the box, both on thinning, etc and the order the paint should be put on.

Base colour #1

Base colour #2

Shadow and highlight colours #1 

Shadow and highlight colours #2

A slightly closer view of the finished flesh.
So how did I find them? The back of the book recommends you use Lifecolor thinners (surprise, surprise) and I think I might pick some up. I used tap water as I usually do and found it to separate a little too easily. Hence, the finish might have been a bit better! The paints are intended for dioramas and bigger figures I think, but I think it works for a 28mm miniature. It's quite subtle...the light used to photo the figure was quite harsh, but in normal light it looks really good! All in, I'm happy with the purchase. I wouldn't use the full 6 shades on regular wargames figures, but I'll be tempted to try out the different shades as triads, although they are quite thin out of the pot, so I might just stick with trusty old Vallejo.

Oh, about the Foundry paints. I did actually pick up a couple of triads, anyway! I'll be posting my thoughts on them as soon as I get a chance to paint the figures (some Malifaux stuff) that I got the paint for!


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